With over 145 years combined industry experience, the management team at Flexicon is committed exceeding your expectations when it comes to Flexible conduit. Flexible conduit is commonly used for the protection and containment of vulnerable electrical cables, wiring and fibre optics. It is an extremely effective form of cable management, available in a variety of systems, which can cope with a diverse range of environmental factors and operating conditions.

Standards and approvals.
Flexicon conduits and fittings are manufactured by Flexicon to comply with the IEC and European conduit standard BS EN IEC 61386 Certain tests are carried out internally by Flexicon, other testing is carried out externally by accredited test laboratories. Specific test reports are available upon request. Vibration and shock testing to EN61373 Cat 2. Certain conduit systems have been tested and approved to the relevant parts of the Australian Standard AS2053.
Cable glands are manufactured to EN 50262.
Push button timers are manufactured to EN 60730-2-7.
- Flexible Steel Conduit & Fittings
- Flexible Coated Steel Conduit & Fittings
- Liquid tight Flexible Coated Steel Conduit & Fittings
- Non-Metallic Conduits & Fittings
- Flameproof Conduit Fittings
- Accessories
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